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Here is the Personal Development/Self-Esteem Building Team for Self Actualization
BetterPoise.com team—getting you poised for healthy self esteem, personal growth and self actualization

BetterPoise.com Team provides you personal development information and solutions that help you build healthy self esteem, lasting personal growth, and better poise for self actualization from the standpoint of your personal development/personal growth and self improvement challenges, circumstances and needs. We sustainably move you in the direction of greater poise development, self improvement, personal effectiveness and personal growth to keep you on top of your world. Better poise development team is managed by Psychology Associates based in Lagos, Nigeria.

You Can Have Confidence in the Self-Esteem Development/Self Actualization System and Solutions Offered by BetterPoise.com

Psychology Associates has several years of professional practice helping people in one-on-one sessions, forums and courses for personal growth, poise and self actualization. Specific areas are:

  • overcoming low self esteem,
  • confidence building,
  • developing self-assertiveness,
  • career and occupational guidance,
  • coaching and mentoring,
  • overcoming shyness,
  • gaining poise,
  • developing self-mastery,
  • overcoming personal difficulties inhibiting personal effectiveness, personal growth and self actualization,
  • enhancing personal effectiveness and proactivity, and
  • gaining competence in imaginative, happy and successful living.

We subscribe to four core values which define our approach to helping you in healthy self-esteem development and personal growth for self actualization..

BetterPoise.com team is led by Dr. Dele Akin-Ogundeji, a corporate psychologist who has over 25 years professional experience. Akin holds PhD of the University of London and also coordinates OD Synergy.

Unique Focus on Total Poise Development for Self Actualization

We focus on total personal poise development for self actualization. This produces sustainable personal excellence and keeps you on top of your world no matter your circumstances.

A beginning aspect is helping you in confidence building or overcoming low self esteem or self-defeating shyness. Moving further along the poise development path, we provide you further ideas and solutions on personal growth and managing self-hindered or ineffective poise development and poise positioning. We also give you information and resources that make you proactive, versatile, influential and high performing for self actualization and lasting happiness.

In essence, we provide you insightful and imaginative solutions you can count upon for creative living, influence and personal success.

You will find Better Poise,Self Esteem, Self Actualization and Personal Growth Solutions helpful for confidence building, overcoming low self esteem, proactivity, personal growth and self actualization.

Tell Us How to Serve You With Better Poise!

BetterPoise.com provides you information and help in total poise development for personal excellence and lasting success. To keep helping you in a meaningful way requires versatile and insightful focus. This is one reason we need to hear from you.

Please email Better Poise Development/Self Esteem Building Team or use the better poise development feedback form to let us know which aspects of self improvement, or areas of self actualization/personal growth, you will want addressed on BetterPoise.com. You may also send your opinions by posting on the feedback forum board of the ultimate self-esteem development, self improvement and self actualization forum boards.


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