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Personal Development/Self-Improvement Privacy Terms...
The Better Poise Development Team is firmly committed to your privacy regarding the confidence building, high self esteem, self improvement, better poise development, and self actualization solutions we offer.

The following discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices of the Better Poise Development Team for BetterPoise.com.

Information Collection and Use

BeterPoise.com collects visitors’ contact information (e.g. e-mail address and name), and in certain cases demographic information (e.g. gender and occupation). BetterPoise.com uses an order processing medium, a reputable payment processor. This payment processing medium may collect unique identifiers (e.g. zip code and sales ticket numbers) and financial information (e.g. invoice numbers) to bill users for products they are purchasing.

We use the customers’ contact information to get in touch with them when necessary.

Payment Processing and Warranty Against Online Fraud

BetterPoise.com uses a reputable payment processing provider which handles the processing of credit card transactions for our products or services.

When you purchase from the Better Poise.com, our e-payment processing providers, need to know your name, credit number , expiry date, country of domicile, state, and zip / postal code. This allows your purchase transaction to be authorized and fulfilled.

A few seconds after completing the transaction authorization process a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you specified. This serves as your receipt. Besides, both Better Poise Development Team and our e-payment processing providers retain a record of the transaction. BetterPoise.com does not collect or store customers’ credit card details.

In addition, we do not sell, trade or disclose visitors' e-mail addresses and personal information to third parties.

We will issue refunds, promptly, to any client who feel that our products do not meet their needs.


BetterPoise.com gives its users the opportunity to opt-out of receiving communications from the Better Poise Development Team at the point where they are requested to provide relevant information. In addition, visitors may opt-out of receiving future mailings from BetterPoise.com.

Other Links

BetterPoise.com contains links to other web sites and other web sites link to it. BetterPoise.com is not responsible for the privacy practices and/or content of such Web sites.

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