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Personal Development/Self Self-Esteem Books, Notes and Folios Produced by BetterPoise.com Team

BetterPoise.com presents carefully selected self improvement information, books and folios relevant for promoting or powering your poise for confidence building, healthy self-esteem, personal effectiveness, personal success and self actualization. Consider the following...

Take the Fright Out of Stage Fright!

Stage fright can be chronic and paralyzing for many of us. If you find public speaking dreadful or a threat, you are not alone. What is required is to take pragmatic and determined actions on the techniques and fundamental principles revealed in our e-note, Relax! You Can Master Stage Fright. It is available in PDF Attachment.

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You CAN master stage frights! Buy your copy by clicking, Relax! You Can Master Stage Fright.

Other Selected Personal Development/Self-Esteem, Self Improvement & Self Actualization Resources

We welcome for consideration and review relevant personal development/self improvement programs, products, and solutions that could promote personal growth, self-esteem, personal effectiveness, and self actualization in people. Professionals and experts who have such relevant personal development/self improvement and self actualization resources and who will like to introduce them on BetterPoise.com should email personal development resources or use the Better Poise Development Feedback form.

Potent Self-Esteem/Self Improvement Quotes and Sayings

Think about how you'd use any of the following quotations or sayings to help you in your life-long project of self actualization, enhancing or positioning your self-esteem/poise for personal effectiveness, personal success, influence or happiness.

'Let me be a little kinder; let me be a little blinder to the faults of those around me.' - Edgar A. Guest

'A little fragrance hangs on the fingers of he that give roses.' - an ancient Chinese proverb

'Success comes to those who do things NOW' - Napoleon Hill

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Stay Vital, Stay Fit for Healthy Living and Self Actualization!

Good nutrition, frequent exercises, and clean crisp air add to your physical, mental and emotional well being and advance your self actualization drive. Using good quality food supplements and herbal products, which have no detrimental side effects and are produced under high quality manufacturing conditions is now a habit of about 80% of the world's population.


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Use Key to Sustainable Personal Development
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