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Key Personal Poise Attributes for Wellness and Self Mastery...
No matter your circumstances!

Integrating key personal poise attributes in all areas of your being—social, emotional, mental, and intellectual—will equip you to excel and achieve self fulfillment and personal growth wholesomely and sustainably in changing circumstances.

Begin With Insight for Self Mastery

When it comes to wellness and self mastery it is important you do not lose focus of the inner qualities that are critical in situations of distress, frustrations and set backs. These attributes are core elements of personal poise, well integrated in your person.

The first step in doing this is insight: First know yourself, then know what you do not know but which you need to know. This fundamentally is to discover ingredients of ultimate personal poise in practical sense and applying them in all aspects of your personal being.

How Your Level of Poise Development Affects Wellness

In wellness and self mastery the outcomes you expect or work towards depend on what you identify with. What do you mean by personal poise in real sense? How does it influence your self mastery and wellness?

The definition you give to a concept tend to influence how you operate on that concept or how the concept influences you. This is true of other people too!

Understand this fact: some cases of anxiety, distress, self immolation, and amnesia result from self-hindered personal poise development. On the other extreme, many cases of bullying, exhibitionism, grandstanding, and aggression are traceable to poor poise positioning. Yet, some people are apprehensive and some engage in day dreaming, or hero-worship, because of their notions of 'poise'.

Explore Poise Attributes for Self Mastery and Wellness

In order to appreciate and understand the significance of poise to self mastery, wellness and lasting happiness, try this little exercise. Try making a list of all the words and phrases you believe describe 'poise' or a 'well-poised person.'

If you like, ask some of your relatives, friends or associates to develop lists on their descriptions of a well-poised person. Pool all the words and phrases you have collected from them with yours. Remove words or phrases that duplicate each other.

What do you get? Perhaps, you have got several words and phrases that convey different aspects of what the word 'poise' stands for.

You have developed your list of 'poise attributes'. Perhaps, you were able to gain further knowledge from what you got from your friends, relatives or associates.

Integrate Key Poise Attributes for Self Mastery

The benefit to your wellness and self mastery comes from how the personal attributes integrate in your total person! Therefore, take one further step.

Apply each word or phrase from your list, or from the list we have developed on personal poise attributes, to the following aspects of your being:


This may take some time. But continue to apply each aspect, thinking through what it means in real life, particularly in adverse situations: How they can be applied for your personal growth and happiness.

Doing this keeps you on a self mastery and personal growth drive which positions you to attain your potential, or be the best you could be. You would find the article, power your poise for success, equally helpful.

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