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Self Actualization Feedback
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Your feedback on, and patronage of, the self actualization, confidence building, self esteem and better poise development solutions and ideas offered at BetterPoise.com count!

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BetterPoise.com offers you insightful ideas and solutions on self actualization, confidence building, self esteem, low self esteem, high self esteem, overcoming shyness, gaining poise, self improvement and better poise development to keep you on top of your world.

We continue to look for ways to do things better; to make BetterPoise.com better able to serve you and other users in focused self improvement- including confidence building, overcoming low self esteem or shyness, gaining poise, enhancing poise, or positioning poise for personal effectiveness, self actualization, happiness and imaginative living.

Should you require more information on confidence building, high self esteem solutions and better poise development for self actualization contact us. In addition, contact us should you want to give us feedback on aspects of the condidence building, better poise development, high esteem, self actualization ideas and solutions offered at BetterPoise.com.

Contacting BetterPoise.com

You may contact BetterPoise.com using the most appropriate of the following.

Telephone: 234-1-791 8009, 234-803 320 6075, 234-802 756 6022

Physical Address: Better Poise Development Team, Psychology Associates, The Poise Center, 1 Task Force Road Shops, By Elphy Hospital, Task Force Road, PPL Bus Stop, PPL, Okokomaiko, Lagos, Nigeria

Postal Address: Better Poise Development Team, Psychology Associates, P. O. Box 1715, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria

Email Addresses:
1. General information: info@betterpoise.com
2. Sales: sales@betterpoise.com

You may also use the Better Poise Development Feedback Form for general information or feedback.

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