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Leadership & Self Leadership Development for Career Success, Personal Growth and Self Actualization...
Key to attaining your potential in life!

Leadership and self leadership development and training is critical to your personal success, growth and happiness.

The challenges of today's world requires leadership development to create, achieve and sustain vision of excellence and sustainable high performance in all walks of life. As an individual, self leadership development is critical for you to attain your potential and be on top of your world. For the business or corporate world, organizational leadership, performance and change is promoted and sustained by leadership development at all levels in the business.

Essence of Self Leadership Development/Training

Self leadership development/training is essential in life.

Why is this so? Simply because, in spite of the myth surrounding 'the natural leader' or 'the born leader', leadership research and experience down the ages show that leaders are not born but made. When a situation makes 'the leader' it is because the leader had developed or prepared for that situation!

Leadership is learnt through many ways, including deliberate study, observation, imitation, and practice. In particular, to be sustained, self leadership has to be practiced.

For personal excellence, dignity and lasting happiness develop self leadership. Two individuals of similar life chances and potential may end up differently in life basically as a result of the differences in their abilities to develop and exercise self leadership.

If you aspire to lead others, first learn to effectively lead yourself.

In many walks of life-social, career, business and others- if you are not able to effectively lead yourself, you cannot effectively lead others. If you lead others without effectively leading yourself with integrity and vision, you will be doing injustice to them and harming your legacy. Need proof? Look around you...see what happens in corrupt societies.

Free Online Self Leadership Training for Self Actualization

To attain your potential and be on top of your world, develop effective self leadership skills. If you are passionate about self leadership development for self actualization, take advantage of our free, online self leadership training.

We offer participants in our online self actualization clinic a free online course on Self Leadership Training. The free self leadership development e-course consists of 12 lessons sent to your email in box on a weekly basis. The course gives you insightful information on key attributes and skills of self leadership with integrity and vision, fundamental to self actualization and ultimate happiness. For example, you will learn the most important key to self-actualization. You will also learn how to apply it!

To benefit from the free online Self Leadership Training, register to participate in the online self actualization clinic. Click the online self actualization clinic.

Fundamental Leadership Development Requirements for Organizational Leadership and Change

The root word of 'leader' speaks to fundamental leadership development requirements for sustainable organizational leadership, performance and change.

The Latin root word for 'leader', is ledere.

Ledere literally means 'to go before'. It means being an example, it means showing the way and it involves pro activity, taking calculated risks and seizing the initiative.

Your business will excel and achieve its long-haul vision when your key people are developed as leaders exhibiting vision, a strong sense of mission, organizational commitment, imaginativeness and creativity, and strategic drive to lead the way, seize the initiative and deploy corporate resources on mission attainment in a pulsating, extenuating circumstances. These constitute the essence of leadership development in the business or corporate world.

The key leadership challenge for you is how to make this possible in your business. First, understand that what your business requires is self leadership based on integrity and vision. Then, encourage and support your people to be this way while leading the way. Essentially, being the right kind of example to them for the corporate good.

Demonstrating Self Leadership for High Performance at Work

Demonstrating self leadership on your job and in your work environment will boost your career and advance your self actualization. You can get helpful information specific to self leadership for high performance in the work environment and for career advancement. Click, Self Leadership for High Performance.


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