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Leadership Development Insights for Personal Success

Significance of Leadership Skills Development

Developing the right kind of leadership is key to attaining your potential in life! Developing the right type of leadership—incorporating self-leadership development—would foster your personal success, growth, and fulifilment.

Global Need for Leadership

The challenges of today's world requires right leadership development to create, achieve, and sustain vision of excellence and sustainable high performance in all walks of life.

As an individual, self-leadership development is critical for you to attain your potential and be on top of your world. In the business and corporate world, organizational leadership, performance, and change is promoted and sustained by the right type of leadership development at all levels.

Effective Personal Leadership is at the Heart of Leadership Development

Leadership development is essential in life. Why is this so? Simply, because, despite the myth surrounding 'the natural leader' or 'the born leader', leadership research and experience down the ages have shown that leaders are not born but made. When a situation makes 'the leader' it is because the leader had developed or prepared for that situation!

Good leadership often comes from good and wise followership. But, a good and wise follower would only be a good leader through honing self-leadership of the right type.

If you aspire to lead others, first learn to effectively lead yourself. For personal excellence, integrity, and fulfilment, develop effective self-leadership. Demonstrating effective self-leadership on your job and in your work environment would boost your career and advance you towards self-actualization.

Effective Leadership is Nurtured

Effective leadership is learned or developed through many ways,—including deliberate study, training, observation, imitation, and practice.

In particular, to sustain desired outcomes, leadership should be nurtured. Two individuals of similar life chances and potential may end up differently in life basically as a result of the differences in their abilities to develop and exercise effective self-leadership.

In all walks of life—social, career, business and others—if you are not able to effectively lead yourself, you cannot effectively lead others. If you lead others without effectively leading yourself with integrity and vision, you would be doing injustice to them—and you would be harming your legacy.

Fundamental Leadership Development Requirements

The root word of 'leader' speaks to fundamental leadership development requirements.

The Latin root word for 'leader', is ledere.

Ledere literally means 'to go before'. It means being an example, it means showing the way, and it involves proactivity,—taking calculated risks and seizing the initiative.

Essence of Effective Leadership Development in the Corporate World

Your business or corporate organization would need the right type of leadership development to excel—to attain its strategic mission and advance its long-haul vision. Your key people would have to be developed as effective leaders—exhibiting vision, a strong sense of mission, organizational commitment, versatility, imaginativeness, and creativity. They would have to learn how to exercise strategic drive, champion transformational change, seize the initiative, and deploy corporate resources for competitive advantage—in pulsating, extenuating circumstances. These constitute the essence of effective leadership development in the business or corporate world.


Lay the Foundation for Viral Leadership in Your Business or Organization

If you are a business owner or a top corporate executive, the key leadership challenge for you is how to make effective leadership viral in your business or organization. First, understand that your business requires your demonstrated self-leadership based on integrity and vision. Then, encourage and support your people to be this way while leading the way—essentially, being the right kind of example to them for the corporate good.

Our article, 'Self-Leadership Development Initiative', provides useful leadership development insights.


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Despite the myth surrounding 'the natural leader' or 'the born leader', leadership research and experience down the ages have shown that leaders are not born but made.