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Confidence Building/Personal Growth Integrators
Better Poise Development Integrators...

Help you strengthen your confidence/self esteem building, personal growth, and better poise development sustainably for self actualization.

Use confidence/self esteem building, personal growth, better poise development integrators to sustain your self improvement effort, confidence building, better poise development and self actualization drive to keep you on top of your world!

Sustaining Confidence Building and Better Poise Development/Personal Growth

Poise/Personal Growth integrators are principles or techniques from professionals and successful individuals which have proved potent for self confidence/esteem building, reinforcing personal poise development/personal growth, and sustaining better poise for personal effectiveness, self actualization and imaginative living. Some poise integrators have been incorporated in the Better Poise Builder e-course to reinforce aspects of poise development and self confidence building.

Better Poise Integrators in PDF

Better Poise has developed some poise integrators in PDF to address certain aspects of better poise development for self actualization and happiness. These poise integrators would prove reinforcing for addressing situations of self hindered patterns of behavior associated with low self esteem, limited poise development or poor poise positioning.

Each PDF contains brief and direct guide on how to use the poise integrators for optimal advantage. The better poise integrators provided by BetterPoise.com are shown below.

Confidence Building Integrators, Fundamental Poise Integrators (PDF)

'Fundamental Poise Integrators' , essentially for facilitating confidence building, helps you address problems of mild shyness or diffidence sustainably. With 10 pieces of confidence building integrators, 'Fundamental Poise Integrators' covers fundamental principles fostering self confidence and high self esteem.

Price: U. S. $2.0.

To order your copy, click Fundamental Poise Integrators.

Mastering Stage Fright

Stage fright can be chronic and paralyzing for many of us. What is required is to take pragmatic and determined actions on the techniques and fundamental principles revealed in our e-note, Relax! You Can Master Stage Fright. It is available in PDF Attachment.

Price: U. S $2.0

You CAN master stage frights! Buy your copy by clicking, Relax! You Can Master Stage Fright.

Social Influence Folio (PDF)

The 'Social Influence Folio' is a handy and efficient tool, which helps you develop sound foundation, mind set and outlook to enhance your presence and influence.

You can reinforce the process of developing social influence with the 'Social Influence Folio' PDF.The 'Social Influence Folio' PDF is essentially an e-folio or note, including 5 pieces of relevant poise integrators, to promote sociability, personal magnetism and ability to win with people. This is essential for self actualization.

Price: U. S. $2.0.

To order your copy click, Social Influence Folio.

A Proactively Persuasive and Influential You for Self Actualization!

It is important to enhance your ability to win with people and gain their support for your worthwhile causes. This is particularly important in politics, business and professional circles.

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