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Healthy Self Esteem and Confidence Building Reinforcers

Reinforcing Your Self Worth for Imaginative Living and Self Fulfillment

In the process of building healthy self-esteem or better personal poise, you would benefit from using special reinforcing principles and techniques, called personal poise integrators. Personal poise integrators are principles and maxims expoused by experts and successful people which are potent for social ease, confidence building, personal effectiveness, self fulfillment, or imaginative living. Embracing them, and applying them in the manner suggested, would produce reinforcing effect for self esteem and confidence building as well as personal poise development or personal poise positioning, for personal success and self fulfillment.

We have developed some poise integrators in PDF to address certain aspects of better poise development for self-actualization and imaginative living. These poise integrators would prove reinforcing for addressing situations of self hindered patterns of behavior associated with low self-worth, limited personal poise development, or poor personal poise positioning. Each PDF contains brief and direct guide on how to use the self esteem and personal poise integrators for optimal advantage.

Basic Personal Poise Integrators

Use self-confidence, self esteem building, and better personal poise development integrators to sustain your self-growth and to keep you on top of your world!

'Basic Personal Poise Integrators' (PDF), essentially for facilitating confidence building, helps you address problems of mild shyness or diffidence sustainably. With five pieces of healthy self-esteem and self-confidence building integrators, 'Basic Personal Poise Integrators' covers some key principles fostering self-confidence and healthy self-esteem.


Social Influence Integrators

Social influence is primarily about gaining influence, admiration, and effectiveness in company and social interaction.

Social influence tends to have a positive impact on a person’s self-fulfillment and self-worth. Though, social influence should not be pursued as a goal—all and in itself—, as a person’s level of personal poise development increases, one measure of their poise positioning is the degree to which their personal style, behavioral patterns, and personality, influence people or gain them admiration or respect in social company.

They would gain more friends,—more doors would open to them and this also would promote competence to relate effectively with various types of people. What this means is that social influence results from effective personal poise development and positioning. You would find the Social Influence Integrators (PDF) useful.


We become what we think about most of the time.
Earl Nightingale
American Sage