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Self Esteem and Self Improvement Team

About BetterPoise.Com Team Promoting Self Actualization

The team gets you poised for healthy self esteem, personal growth, and self-actualization.

BetterPoise.Com is managed by Psychology Associates based in Lagos, Nigeria.

We subscribe to four core values which define our approach to helping people in the arena of self improvement and personal development for self actualization. The core values also influence the self esteem and personal development insights and solutions we provide on self growth challenges.

An Integrated and Holistic Approach

We provide you personal development information, insights, and solutions that help you in self development, self growth, healthy self esteem development, and better personal poise for self actualization from the standpoint of your self growth and personal development challenges, circumstances, vision, and needs. The insights and solutions help move you in the direction of better personal poise development, self-improvement, and personal effectiveness that keep you on top of your world.

Unique Focus on Total Poise Development for Self Actualization

We focus on total personal poise development for self actualization. This helps you handle your personal self growth challenges to keep you on top of your world no matter your circumstances.

A beginning aspect is helping you in confidence building, or overcoming low self esteem or self-defeating shyness. Moving further along the personal poise development path, we provide you further ideas and solutions on personal growth and managing self-hindered, or ineffective, personal poise development—and poor or compromised personal poise positioning and self-management. You could also be more competent for personal, social, business or professional influence, and successful living.

Why You Could Count on BetterPoise.Com

The team is led by Dr. Oladele Akin-Ogundeji, a corporate psychologist who has over 40 years professional experience.

Psychology Associates has several years of professional practice helping people in one-on-one counseling and coaching sessions, workshops, forums, and courses for personal growth, personal poise development, occupational and career advancement, leadership, and general personal and social influence and effectiveness.

Recent Areas of Personal Development Coaching and Guidance

The following are specific areas of personal development where we have helped people in the recent past:

  • overcoming low self esteem
  • self-confidence building
  • developing self-assertiveness,
  • leadership development and corporate influence
  • career and occupational guidance
  • marital and relationships coaching and mentoring
  • overcoming shyness
  • gaining personal poise
  • developing self-mastery and enhancing personal effectiveness
  • overcoming personal difficulties and tendencies inhibiting personal effectiveness, personal growth, and sense of fulfilment
  • developing enhanced capacity for imaginative, happy, and successful living.

Life Quotes

There are growth and life quotes throughout our website you could benefit from.

I will form good habits and become their slave.
Og Mandino
in 'The Greatest Salesman in the World'