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Self Esteem and Confidence Building Team Leader

Excellence in Developing Self Esteem and Personal Growth Insights

Dr. Oladele Akin-Ogundeji started Psychology Associates in 1994 in Lagos, Nigeria, to help individuals in their quest for personal growth, effectiveness, and self actualization in line with his professional drive and commitment—as a corporate psychologist, organizational development specialist, and management consultant—for excellence in organizational and socio-technical systems in businesses and governments.

First-Class Training in Psychology and Behavioral Sciences

Akin-Ogundeji holds Ph.D. of the University of London at Britain's pioneer Department of Occupational Psychology, the Dept. of Occupational Psychology in Birkbeck College.

Corporate Pschological and Management Consulting Practice

Akin-Ogundeji has over 45 years organizational development, human resources, strategy, and general management consulting experience in Nigeria and the West Coast of Africa.

Total Poise Development in Organizations

Akin-Ogundeji also leads the OD Synergy Team—which provides total organizational development insights and solutions for creating and sustaining organizational leadership and transformational performance.

Deliverying on Excellence

Oladele Akin-Ogundeji's personal philosophy is the pursuit and delivery of excellence—which influences his personal and professional style. It underlies the thrust of the self esteem building, personal development and self actualization insights and solutions offered by the Self Esteem and Better Poise Development Team.

Focused Professionalism

Oladele Akin-Ogundeji has been helping people in Nigeria and West Africa in personal growth, confidence building, overcoming low self esteem, overcoming shyness, developing personal poise, and gaining competencies in imaginative living for lasting personal effectiveness and self actualization since 1986, beginning at the then University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University), Nigeria, and later as coordinator of the Lagos-based Poise Center, powered by Psychology Associates.

I have seen in my 25 years of professional practice that, perhaps, one of the greatest miseries that can befall a person, a group, a people, or an organization, is poverty of character, then poverty of a benevolent essence or cause, closely followed by poverty of the intellect. Poverty of competencies weighs in among the top ten.
Dr. Oladele Akin-Ogundeji
The Poise Center, Lagos, Nigeria (October 19, 2006)