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Self Improvement and
Other Personal Development Resources

Personal Development and Personal Effectiveness Resources to Keep You on Top of Your World

Self improvement and personal development is a life-long project. What a person focuses on in the arena of self improvement for self actualization and imaginative living depends on how they see themselves and the realities of life,—and would be influenced by the self improvement and personal development goals they set at various phases in their life. BetterPoise.Com will continue to provide relevant resources in the self improvement and self actualization arena, particularly through insighful short notes or helpful tips in PDF, called e-notes.

Below are some personal development and personal effectiveness e-notes in PDF to provide you unique ideas on aspects of personal growth for imaginative living.

Mastering Public Speaking Anxiety

If you are passionate about personal success and self-fulfillment, you’d care about your power of speech. Stage fright is arguably the No.1 killer of many people’s will to advance beyond obscurity or mediocrity in social company and business life.

The e-note, Relax, You Can Master Stage Fright! (PDF), would help you effectively manage public speaking anxiety and master stage fright.


Being More Charming

Many people are not achieving the social and personal success they could because they fail to develop their personality. With personal charm, you’d be adding more happiness to life—to your life and to the life of those that you are impacting.

Learn about how you could become more charming from the e-note, A More Charming You. (PDF)


Personal Effectiveness in Career and Business

One of the important personal growth challenges facing people today is how to sustain personal effectiveness for career and business success. The e-note, Personal Effectiveness for Career and Business Success (PDF), offers you two major keys that would help you make good progress to handle this challenge.


Achieving Results with People in a Corporate Environment

How could you achieve the best results with your team? How could you create goodwill with people—winning with and through them? The e-note, Achieving Results With and Through People in a Corporate Environment (PDF), gives you some helpful tips, particularly if you operate in a corporate environment.


Life Quotes

Integral to the self esteem, self-improvement, confidence building and personal development insights we offer are life quotes for self actualization. These also include mental health quotes.

Take time for all things, great haste makes great waste.
Benjamin Franklin
American Statesman