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Life Quotes, Growth Quotes and Self Improvement Quotes Explained

Applying Life and Self Improvement Quotes for Imaginative Living and Self Fulfilment

Life and self improvement quotes—particularly distilling insights from thought leaders, behavioral science experts, and leaders who have demonstrated personal effectiveness, and social, business or professional influence in their niches—could help shape your aptitude, attitudes, habits, and style, to be on top of your world.

Learning, understanding, and using insightful life and self improvement quotes is one powerful method to sustain personal growth and progress in personal leadership, social and professional influence, and self actualization. Paying particular attention to, and applying, those life quotes that address your personal development and self growth challenges or goals would be particularly beneficial.

Here are selected insightful, potent self-growth and mental health promotion quotes that could help you sustain personal growth for imaginative living! We give a brief statement to explain each quote and how it could be applied.

Think about how you could use any of the quotes towards self actualization, enhancing personal effectiveness, personal success, mental health promotion, and professional or business influence. Start using them and prosper in your personal growth drive!

Mastering Good Habits

'I will form good habits and become their slaves.'

Og Mandino (in the best seller, The Greatest Salesman in the World)

Og Mandino hinted at the heart of personal development. Good habits—habits that advance the excellence of one's character—form the basis of success in all walks of life. Such habits should be second nature and mastering them is what makes them so. What good habits would you like to develop to advance your personal development goals? Whch specific ones would you master in the next 5-10 days?

Don't be Hindered by Procrastination

'Success comes to those who do things NOW'

Napoleon Hill

There is a saying that procrastination is the thief of time. Procrastination fosters indecision. Dilly-dallying could be ruinous to your personal growth if it becomes a habit. Learning how to make good decisions with minimal delay, and using facts and knowledge skilfully and in an efficient manner, would promote immediacy of action. Seizing the moment is a critical factor in personal growth. Once you come to a decision on any aspect of personal growth or a project toward self-actualization, start implementing your decisions. Begin by developing a plan of action—and add a timeline to each item in your plan. Develop your ability to get things done fast, and very well.

Being Magnanimous

'Let me be a little kinder; let me be a little blinder to the faults of those around me.'

Edgar A. Guest

It takes courage of character to ignore faults,—and discounting other people's faults is an act of kindness. Being blind to the faults of others would, in general, earn you goodwill. Whereas, being unneccessarily picky,—particularly taking offense at every little misdeeds of others—leads to bitterness and emotional stuffiness. Bitterness, and hoarding hurts and insults, would have negative effects on your mental health. They would deflate your level of happiness.

Emotional maturity is associated with discounting other people's faults and not being easily offended. It is about being magnanimous, what Edgar A. Guest saw as being 'a little kinder.' Develop the capacity to not get your feelings easily hurt, e.g., by controlling the tendency to settle personal scores.

Generosity of Character

'A little fragrance hangs on the fingers of he that gives roses.'

an ancient Chinese proverb

Being benevolent pays. Even if you do not set your mind on getting rewarded, promotoing goodwill and being generous in character would rub off on you in a positive way. This does not mean that every person would apprecite what you are doing, and, of course, there would be some people who would be jealous, anxiuos or offended. Focusing on what you are developing in your character and as a person would be far more important than how people feel about, and react to, your generosity of character.

Build the Foundation for Personal Success

'The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.'

Benjamin Disraeli

Benjamin Disraeli, who was twice Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and was highly influential as a British statesman, should know. Developing the personality, character, competencies, and attitude that engender success gives you a solid preparation to make the most of oportunitieis in life. The effort, determination, self-reliance, and self-restraint invested to build such character and personality make you ready to make a success of the right type of opportunities for you. Honing better poise indices underpinning personal growth for self-actualization is a good preparation.

Living Honorably for Benficent Outcomes

'Life is never incomplete if it is an honorable one. At whatever point you leave life, if you leave it in the right way, it is whole.'


The quality of one's life,—particularly in terms of overall beneficent value—is what matters. Once you have your vision of self-actualization linked to living a life that has beneficent value and a legacy that generations to come could honor and be inspired about, you need not worry about how long you live. You would not only have the goodwill and socio-cultural environment and support to be on top of your world, you would be satisfied that you are living a worthy life. The challenge would be that you comit yourself to an overarching purpose for living that aligns with such an outcome.


Journeying to Personal Success

'Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.'

Earl Nightingale

The means to a goal is often more important than the goal itself, even a worthy goal. The actions, steps, and resources you deploy towards attaining a worthy goal or ideal, speak to the kind of person you are. The character you build,—whether noble or ignoble—defines you, and it really is a part of whatever you eventually achieve. Never shortchange yourself on the means and process you use for achieving even a worthy goal.

Living Based on Continuous Growth and Repositioning

'Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.'

Albert Einstein

Progress in life requires continuous and sustained personal development. Dealing with opportunities and challenges in life,—e.g., resulting from new experiences, new demands, new environment, and other changes that life brings—requires personal adjsutment, repositioning and growth. You cannot remain the way you were a few years ago—e.g., in terms of your knowledge, skills, and competencies—and be relevant and valuable in life. Versatily is key, and it involves continuous personal growth and development.

Life Purpose Beyond Material Possessions

'Their bank accounts may be full, but their lives are empty. And what they do acquire, which is never enough and never satisfies, they leave behind when they die!'

Herbert W. Armstrong
American evangelist & an early pioneer of radio and television evangelism

To have an overarching life purpose that goes beyond stuff—wealth and material possessions—is a fundamental key to success and self-fulfilment in life. Understanding such a purpose and committing yourself to achieving it would help you hone enduring, sound character and build various aspects of your personality in a wholesome manner—and it would enhance your personal happiness. It would help you to rethink harmful values, emotions, attitudes, atributes, and behaviours that you would otherwise accept should you focus and define your life by how much stuff you could get. It would be a major personal challenge, though, to discover and embrace such a life purpose.