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Self Esteem and Confidence Builder

Building Confidence and Self Esteem for Self Fulfilment

Low or poor self esteem, inefficient self-worth, and deficient personal poise hinder venturesomeness and would consign you to obscurity, compromise, and dissatisfaction with life—they would undermine your ability to be on top of your world. On the contrary, having and developing healthy self worth or self esteem and building confidence and better personal poise would position you for success, imaginative living, and self actualization.

You Can Overcome Low Self Esteem and Build Healthy Self Confidence in 6 Months!

Are you held back by low self esteem? Is your social, personal or business effectiveness hindered by self-defeating shyness or paralyzing inner anxieties? You can sustainably overcome low self esteem or self hindering shyness, and build healthy self-esteem, self-confidence, social ease, and personal poise in 6 months with the healthy self-worth and personal poise development program, Better Poise Builder.

The unique approach adopted in the healthy self-esteem and personal poise development program, the Better Poise Builder, helps you build confidence and develop healthy self-worth, overcome low self-esteem, conquer self-defeating shyness, and position your personal poise better for self-fulfilment in 6 months.

What Are the Benefits you Get from Building Confidence and Self Esteem?

If you are tired of self-hindering shyness, you will find Better Poise Builder particularly potent to build your confidence. Provided you resolve to do what it takes, you can overcome shyness, build self confidence, and gain social ease in 6 months. And much more...
• You would move positively and assuredly in the direction of personal growth and self-actualization
• You would be more confident and more personable.
• You would attract to yourself new popularity and opportunities.
• You would make the most of yourself and develop your hidden potential.
• You would be more assertive without being cocky or annoying.
• You would be the master of your life.

Unique Self-Confidence Building and Personal Poise Development Beginning Modules

We have painstakingly developed the personal development program for healthy self esteem and confidence building, the Better Poise Builder, after many years of successfully guiding people on personal growth, self esteem, overcoming shyness, building better personal poise and social ease, and becoming more effective in company. The Better Personal Poise Builder pack contains a personal poise development inventory (or questionnaire), a blueprint on the personal poise development inventory , seven personal poise development modules, and four e-notes.

With the Personal Poise Development Self-Focusing Inventory, you would explore possible circumstances and factors underpinning your personal poise and self-worth challenge. The Blueprint on Personal Poise Development Self-Focusing Inventory, which is included in the pack, gives you appropriate understanding on what you could do differently for better personal poise positioning and healthy self-worth development to be on top of your world.

Module 1 - Fundamental ingredients: The first personal poise development module provides you the fundamental ingredients to effective personal poise development for healthy self-worth and social ease.

Module 2 - Conquering your fears: Offering you the first set of principles and activities you need for overcoming shyness. The module gives you keys that help you conquer the fears and doubts that have held you back from venturing.

Module 3 - Discovering your real worth: Understanding your uniqueness is important to personal success and social influence. But more important is accepting, and mobilizing, your uniqueness. Unknown to many people, failure to realize, and live by this truth, makes them potentially their own worst enemies. This module helps you understand and act on this important key to personal growth, better personal poise, social influence, and personal success.

Reinforcing Modules in the Healthy Self Esteem Builder Pack

Module 4 - Strengthening your self-esteem: In this module you have the keys for developing healthy self-esteem and appreciating your uniqueness. This module builds on and reinforces the third personal poise development module. Flowing from emerging issues and feedback, a new emphasis in this module is that you learn how to avoid the danger of overconfidence.

Module 5 - Developing basic social skills: The module provides you key principles and mechanisms for social influence.

Module 6 - Reaching out with charm: You can attract new opportunities for personal success, respect, and influence with personal charm, zeal and drive. This module shows you how.

Module 7 - Running your own life: Unless you plan, control, and live your own life you will end up a nonentity. By not running their own life themselves, some people are unwittingly ruining it. People who don't run their life live in mediocrity, —they are robbed of the happiness and sense of fulfillment that comes from fully being a master of one's life. People who don't run their life themselves, —but live on other people's scripts—allow others to ruin it. Don't let this happen to YOU! This last module shows you how to run your life for influence, personal success, happiness, and self-actualization.

In-Built Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence Integrators

To help you sustain healthy self esteem and maintain better personal poise and positioning, we provide appropriate self esteem reinforcing exercises and personal poise integrators in the Better Poise Builder pack. Thus, Better Poise Builder uniquely and insightfully helps you build healthy self-worth and position your personal poise for self-actualization in a sustainable way.

Start Building Confidence and Self Esteem with Better Personal Poise Builder Pack

Four personal poise development e-notes (in PDF) included in the Better Personal Poise Builder Pack are: 'Personal Poise Development Maxims', 'Fundamental Personal Poise Integrators.' 'Social Influence', and 'You Can Master Stage Fright'.

Price: U.S. $ 15.00

Make the first move towards building self confidence—Buy your better personal poise builder pack Now!


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