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Self Improvement and
Personal Development Insights

Towards Imaginative Living and Self Actualization

We provide unique insighs on self esteem building, personal development, personal growth, and self-improvement for individuals who are passionate about personal success, personal effectiveness, and imaginative living—and about moving towards self-actualization.

Perhaps, the fundamental insight—the basic insight—for effective personal development solutions is this: People have different take-off points in respect of personal growth for self actualization!

Therefore, target personal development insights and solutions that suit your personal development status and challenges.

The personal development insights we provide in this section of BetterPoise.Com are related to—and integrated with—the personal development solutions for personal effectiveness and self-actualization.


Developing the Mental Core and Intrinsic Poise

Are you getting poised for self-actualization?

The quality of your mind and the level of your emotional and mental soundness manifest in your behaviour, level of personal drive and happiness, and social, business or professional influence. It is about positioning your inner mind and mental quality for personal success, self-growth, and imaginative living.

To be on top of your world, first understand and cultivate total personal poise attributes.


Employing the Self Esteem Building and Personal Poise Development Formula

Simplify your life for sustainable self-growth by employing the self esteem building and personal poise development formula.

Simplicity in the way you approach all aspects of your life comes from insight and your level of experience. If you are to define, in one or two sentences, what underpins the level of your success or to identify one or two principles that guide your outlook on life, could you do so? What would they be?

Based on over 30 years of helping people in the arena of personal growth for self-fulfilment, and personal and professional effectiveness, we have identified a simple formula to get you poised for personal effectiveness and self-growth for self-fulfilment.


Healthy Self-Esteem is Important

What determines your sense of worth? How much of what you do not have control over defines how you see your worth as an individual? What should define a balanced and healthy sense of worth that promotes social, business, and professinal influence in your life?

With healthy self-esteem insights, you would make further progress in social, business or professional influence without undermining or compromising your self-worth—or jeopardizing your personal success and self-fulfiment.

Many of our personal development articles and blog posts provide you healthy self-esteem insights.

Foundation of Mental and Emotional Strength

Mental health is complex, and mental health promotion requires the right expert help and atention. But you could lay the foundation that fosters mental wellness in general. Or, at least, you could avoid what hinders mental and emotional wellness.


Leading Yourself for Personal Effectiveness and Social Influence

No matter where you turn across the globe and in your local communities, there is a paucity of the right kind of leadership in almost all spheres of life. Yet, leadership at any level begins from high quality self-leadership.

Much of the travails in many societies across the world come from the failure of leadership,—the right kind of leadership—and, of course, you could throw in, failure of the right kind of followership.

Taking charge of your life is about leading yourself in the right way and in a targeted or purpose-driven manner.



Learning from Self-Growth Quotes

Self-growth quotes—distilling insights from thought leaders, behavioral science experts, and leaders who have demonstrated personal effectiveness, and social, business or professional influence in their niches—would help shape your aptitude, attitudes, habits, and style, to be on top of your world—and help move you towards self-actualization.

We present a selection of self-growth quotes offering unique insight and imagination for personal development, and social, professional or business influence.



Mental Health and Life Quotes

Integral to the self esteem, self-improvement, confidence building and personal development insights we offer are life quotes for self actualization. These also include mental health quotes.

The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.
Helmut Schmidt
German Statesman