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Self Esteem Development
Personal Development Formula for Self Actualization

Essence of Self Esteem and Total Poise Development

The personal development system for personal effectiveness, imaginative living, and self actualization fundamentally focuses on helping people develop healthy self esteem and total personal poise.

Total personal poise development involves helping you get to a level of personal poise on all key areas of your being so as to be the best you could be in order to attain sustainable personal growth and high performance while moving you in the direction of self fulfillment, self actualization, and being on top of your world. A beginning step is to explore, understand, and act on what personal poise really is and entails—which, in real sense, is quite diffferent from popular notion of poise.

As personal growth and self improvement for self actualization is a life-long endeavor, the personal growth system emphasizes total personal poise development such as to position you to effectively deal with your self growth challenges and keep you on top of your world no matter the life's challenges you face.

In this process, you would have to develop intrinsic attributes that underpin personal growth and shape the disposition towards self-actualization. We call these attributes better poise attributes.


Elements of the Personal Development Attributes for Self Actualization

The better personal poise attributes were configured into the following six broad personal development factors, which we call poise indices:

  • Congruence
  • Appeal
  • Integrity
  • Venturesomeness
  • Integration
  • Zest

What the Poise Indices Entail

Congruence is represented in harmony, balance, focus, stability and thoroughness.
Appeal is represented in gracefulness, finesse, cleanliness, refinement, and charm.
Integrity is represented in dignity, esteem, uprightness of character, commitment, and wholesomeness.
Venturesomeness is represented in courage, assertiveness, creativity, resourcefulness, healthy risk-taking, and versatility.
Integration is represented in strength, composure, sharpness, effectiveness, self-reliance, and self-mastery.
Zest is represented in vitality, enthusiasm, gracefulness, vibrancy, and amiability.

Interplay of Poise Indices

The total poise development formula refers to the interplay and interdependence of key poise attributes to produce in you the level of personal poise for sustainable self-confidence, healthy self-worth, personal success, personal effectiveness, happiness and self-fulfillment.

The total poise development formula incorporates the six poise indices configured from the better poise attributes, that could—working interdependently and in effective synergy—operate like a potent formula to facilitate personal development in a sustainable manner.

Understanding the Total Poise Development Formula

The personal development formula for self actualization, also called the total poise development formula for personal growth and self actualization, is represented as follows:
Total Personal Poise=f(CxAxIxVxIxZ),
where 'C' refers to congruence, 'A' refers to appeal, 'I' refers to integrity, 'V' refers to venturesomeness, the second 'I' refers to integration, and 'Z' refers to zest.

In essence, total poise in a person is a function of congruence, appeal, integrity, venturesomeness, integration, and zest.

Understanding the total poise development formula for self improvement and personal growth would give you insight on where to pitch your personal development drive. To promote personal growth and self-actualization, you should effectively integrate the better poise attributes—with emphasis on the six poise indices.

Integration with Personal Growth and Self Actualization Coaching

Because people at different levels of personal poise development rate differently on each of the poise indices in the total poise development formula for personal growth, one key aspect of our online personal development coaching for self-actualization is to help individuals explore the specific poise indices—with insight on their personal development needs.

In the online personal growth and self actualization coaching program, we help individuals to insightfully identify, review, enhance, and develop on relevant aspects of the six poise indices—congruence, appeal, integrity, venturesomeness, integration, and zest—and marshall them for high performance, imaginative living, happiness, and personal excellence.


Complexity breeds inaction, indecision, and frustration. Complexity hinders healthy drive for personal growth and self-fulfilment.