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Would you like to live imaginatively self-fulfilled, and keep on top of your world no matter your circumstances?

Total Personal Development System for Imaginative Living and Self-Fufillment, powered by Psychology Associates, offers you unique and robust personal development, self-improvement, mental health promotion, and self-esteem development system, insights, and solutions for imaginative living, self-fulfillment, and being on top of your world!

They include:

Foundation for Excellence in Personal Development

The total personal development system, insights, and solutions we offer are grounded in behavioral sciences, practice, and experience to foster personal growth and self-actualization.

They are based on over 30 years' experience of helping people in the arena of healthy self-esteem, personal development, personal growth, leadership development, personal success dynamics, and self-actualization by Dr. Oladele Akin-Ogundeji—the founder and leader of Psychology Associates.

A Holistic Personal Growth System

The total personal development system is holistic. It focuses on mental health promotion, personal growth, healthy self-esteem building, and self-actualization.

You may crave to overcome low self-esteem or build self-confidence. You may wish to banish paralyzing, self-defeating inner anxieties. Maybe you want to conquer self-hindering diffidence or chronic shyness. The personal growth, mental health promotion, and self-actualization system powerfully helps you in these fundamental areas of self-growth for self-realization and fulfillment.

Personal Development Insights and Solutions

Integrated in the personal development system are personal growth insights, and imaginative self-esteem and self-confidence building solutions.

There are insightful self-confidence building tools, healthy self-worth development program, personal growth resources, and personal poise building techniques.

Total Personal Growth Outlook

We adopt and emphasize total poise development to offer you personal development solutions for personal growth, imaginative living, and self-actualization. The total poise development perspective helps foster your self-growth for self-actualization,—moving you through key stages in your personal development, mental health promotion, and healthy self-esteem building.

Progressing from Self-Confidence Building and Overcoming Low Self-Esteem to Self-Actualization

While self-confidence building and healthy self-esteem and poise development tools, solutions, and techniques are basic aspects of the total self-growth system, that is not all!

The system takes you beyond mere self-confidence building or overcoming low self-esteem. Helping you to move towards self-actualization and being on top of your world is the ultimate objective.

Understanding Your Personal Development Need

Knowing your personal growth challenge is key. Consider these areas:

  • enhancing your power of influence,
  • putting an end to demeaning obscurity,
  • building mental strength,
  • correcting ineffective poise development,
  • developing specific habits for personal success and effectiveness,
  • building a lifestyle of imaginative living,
  • dealing with any other personal growth, self-esteem or poise development challenge.

In all the above cases you would find the personal growth insights, techniques, and tools we offer powerful and beneficial—helping you move assuredly towards self-actualization and fulfilment.

They are presented under three main sections on BetterPoise.Com:

Choosing Your Personal Development Objectives

You should decide and understand what personal development challenge or goals you need to focus on and where to start from. Depending on your take-off point, you would get insightful and imaginative information and solutions to help you be on top of your world.

The total personal development system would help you if you are passionate about any of the following:

  • personal growth
  • building self-confidence
  • overcoming low self-esteem
  • conquering self-hindering shyness
  • empowering your poise
  • positioning your poise for high performance and personal effectiveness
  • personal success and imaginative living
  • social influence and winning with people
  • leadership and self-management for great personal success
  • self-fulfillment and being on top of your world no matter your circumstances.

How to Build Healthy Self Esteem in 6 Months or Less

The self esteem building program, Better Poise Builder, is your potent tool for building healthy self esteem and self-confidence.
And you could do this in less than 6 months.


Insights for Your Everyday
Personal Growth

Know Yourself First

To make meaningful progress in personal growth, you must know yourself first. Start with a self-inventory that gives you unique insight about yourself. Get to know about yourself better each week. Give yourself room for self-improvement and growth.

Build Sound Habits

Values habitually behaved result in mastered habits. Your core values and habits define who you are. Embrace core values and good habits that foster personal growth and self-actualization.

Achieve Weekly Personal Growth Targets

Putting yourself in a frame of mind to achieve personal targets on a regular basis, say weekly, would foster sustainable personal growth. Set yourself weekly personal growth targets,—start with a few. But make each target measurable, time-bound, and resourced for attainment.

Beware of the Comparison Trap

One major challenge of the social-media age is how to handle the comparison trap. The comparison trap is the negative comparison of yourself—and your sense of worth—with other people, particularly resulting from how you view yourself based on social rating or the rating done by other people. The comparison trap hinders healthy self-esteem development. Avoid it!

Enjoy Your Journey

Resolve to enjoy your adventure in personal development for personal success and self-actualization. See it as a journey requiring patience, healthy fun, and positive attitude on life. Focus on your goal for increasing capability, capacity, growth and empowerment to be on top of your world. Appreciateg the progress you are making and reward yourself on attained milestones or targets.

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