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Use Healthy Self Esteem, Self Improvement/Personal Growth, and Total Poise Development Formula for Self Actualization
To give you the edge to be on top of your world no matter your circumstances!

Discover the 'ultimate self-esteem formula', the 'total poise development formula' for sustainable confidence building, healthy self esteem, personal growth, self actualization and lasting happiness!

What do you focus upon in self improvement, personal growth, confidence/self esteem building and better poise development for self actualization? Why is it important to focus on 'total poise development'? Using the ultimate self-esteem and personal growth formula helps you sustain confidence building, healthy self esteem, and personal growth for social influence, happiness, personal success and self actualization.

Key to High Self Esteem, Self Actualization/Personal Growth Is Focusing on Total Poise Development

Self improvement and better poise development and positioning for self actualization is a life long endeavor. Therefore, the self actualization system emphasizes total poise development for personal excellence and self actualization. That is, the level of self improvement for better poise where you have what it takes to be on top of your world no matter the challenges you face.

This is the ultimate aspect of total poise — winning with poise continuously, and continuously growing in poise for self actualization, imaginative living, and lasting success. It is not attainable at one fell swoop. It occurs through a gradual process of sustained and conscientious self improvement on key elements or ingredients of total poise development, depending on your take-off point. It is fostered by 'total poise' development and self actualization solutions.

Key Attributes for Total Poise Development for Self Actualization

Ultimate self-esteem development and personal growth results from how integrated the key poise attributes work effectively in your total person for personal excellence and self actualization no matter the circumstances.

That is what we have seen in over 14 years of focusing on this subject. Our discovery led to our emphasis on the power of total poise, or the total poise edge, for sustainable high performance, self fulfillment and personal success. We call this ' total poise development'. 'Total poise is in how integrated the key personal poise attributes work effectively in your total person for personal excellence and self actualization no matter your circumstances.

In the course of many years helping people in self actualization, self esteem, confidence building, overcoming shyness, gaining social ease, and developing personal poise we have developed key personal poise attributes which underlie the ideas, activities, and solutions we offer in our mission of promoting sustainable poise development for personal excellence and self actualization in people. You can view the list by clicking personal poise attributes.

However, to promote personal growth and self actualization you need to integrate these attributes effectively in all aspects of your being. 'total poise development.' You focus on key poise attributes that can— working interdependently and in effective synergy—operate like a a potent poise formula, a 'total poise development formula' or 'ultimate self-esteem development formula'.

What are these key indices to promote total poise? What ingredients, elements, or attributes go into total poise development' for self improvement/personal growth, self actualization and lasting happiness?

Experience has shown that personal poise attributes are configured into six broad factors, which we call poise indices, operating in various aspects of a person's being. These poise indices are:


Understanding the Total Poise Development Formula for Self Actualization, Personal Growth and Lasting Success

Understanding the nature of poise and the concept of total poise development formula for self improvement, personal growth, and self actualization would give you insight on where to pitch your personal/poise development.

Total Poise Development Formula/Equation refers to the interplay and interdependence of key poise attributes to produce in you the level of personal poise for sustainable self confidence/esteem building, personal success, personal effectiveness, happiness and self actualization. The total poise development formula/equation for self actualization/personal growth is represented as follows:

Total Poise=VxAxCxIxIxZ,

where'V' refers to venturesomeness, 'A' refers to appeal, 'C' refers to congruence, 'I' refers to integrity, the second 'I' refers to integration, and 'Z' refers to zest. In essence, total poise in a person is a function of venturesomeness, appeal, congruence, integrity, integration, and zest.

Venturesomeness is represented in courage, assertiveness, creativity, resourcefulness, and versatility.

Appeal is represented in gracefulness, finesse, cleanliness, refinement, and charm.

Congruence is represented in harmony, balance, focus, stability and thoroughness.

Integrity is represented in dignity, esteem, uprightness, commitment and wholesomeness.

Integration is represented in strength, composure, sharpness, effectiveness, and self mastery.

Zest is represented in vitality, enthusiasm, gracefulness, vibrancy, and amiability.

People at different levels of poise development rate differently on each of the poise indices in the total poise development formula/equation for personal growth, self improvement and self actualization. BetterPoise.com offers you self actualization/self improvement solutions helping you move in the direction of self actualization/personal growth and lasting happiness whatever your take-off point or current level of poise development. This application of key poise attributes principle also is critical to your wellness

Total Poise Development Emphasis of Self Actualization System and Better Poise Development/Self Esteem Solutions

The self actualization system and self esteem/better poise development solutions focus on helping you develop total poise.

Total poise development involves helping you get to a level of personal poise on all key areas of your being so as to be the best you could be in order to attain sustainable high self esteem, self fulfillment, happiness and high performance while moving you in the direction of utmost personal excellence, self actualization and lasting happiness. Better Poise Development /Self Actualization Solutions emphasize helping you to insightfully identify, review, enhance, develop and facilitate your capacity, capability and conditions to sustainably exhibit, uphold, engender and marshal the poise indices— appeal, congruence, integration, integrity, venturesomeness and zest— for high performance, imaginative living, happiness, personal excellence and self actualization.

You Can Count On the Unique Self Actualization/Self Improvement System and Solutions

You can count on unique better poise development/self actualization system and solutions offered by BetterPoise.com to help you in self confidence building, self improvement, and total poise development for self actualization so that you can live proactively and imaginatively to attain the success, influence and happiness you crave and deserve. Working with the 'total poise' concept, our self actualization system and better poise development/self actualization solutions position you for self actualization and lasting personal success through moving you in the direction of better and greater level of personal poise. Discover how...visit self esteem, better poise development and personal growth solutions for self actualization.

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