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Explore Personal Development/Personality Development Attributes for Self Actualization...
To sharpen your outlook on self actualization, focused self improvement, high self esteem/confidence building, personal growth, better poise development to keep you on top of your world!

Understanding what 'poise' entails is critical to your personal growth, personal effectiveness, self improvement, self esteem, personal poise positioning/development, self actualization, and lasting success/happiness!

Gaining Insight on Personal Poise/Personal Growth Attributes for Self Actualization

What is 'poise'? What does 'personal poise' entail? Gaining insight on the nature of poise helps you focus on the key poise attributes relevant to your self esteem/personal growth problem or poise building challenges. It helps you confidently chart your route to self improvement, personal growth or better poise/high self esteem building.

For example, overcoming low self esteem, conquering self defeating shyness, building confidence, powering your poise, gaining social influence, or managing self-hindered pattern of personal development/poise positioning. This insight will come by exploring the synonyms and antonyms associated with 'poise'.

Consider the poise attributes identified on this page.

Direct Method of Exploring Personal Poise Attributes for High Self Esteem and Self Actualization/Personal Growth

The following key poise traits/attributes were excerpted from lists provided by asking people a simple, direct question: 'What are the key traits/attributes of a well-poised person?'

1. Dignity
2. Composure
3. Gracefulness
4. Balance
5. Equilibrium
6. Self control
7. Assertiveness
8. Courage
9. Peak
10. Flexibility
11. Genuineness
12. Correctness
13. Wholeness
14. Sharpness
15. Wholesomeness
16. Vitality
17. Energy
18. Calmness
19. Efficiency
20. Confidence
21. Synergy
22. Stability
23. Compactness
24. Keenness
25. Esteem
26. Soundness
27. Drive
28. Enthusiasm
29. Adaptability
30. Resourcefulness

Understanding Personal Poise Attributes for High Self Esteem Building and Personal Growth/Self Actualization by the Reversal Method

You can also get further insight on 'poise' for high self esteem building/personal growth by a deep reflection on what the lack of poise represents.

Asking people the question, 'What, in real terms, would the absence of poise show?' yielded a very interesting list. Answering this simple question, a reversal method, has helped people appreciate the significance of personal poise for personal success, high performance, self actualization, and imaginative living.

Here are key traits/attributes associated with lack of poise.
1. Tension
2. Disturbance
3. Disorganization
4. Crudeness
5. Lack of polish
6. Rough condition
7. Unsettled condition
8. Dis-equilibrium
9. Crookedness
10. Awkwardness
11. Fearfulness
12. Quaking condition
13. Uncoordinated condition
14. Imbalance
15. Unbalanced condition
16. Nervousness
17. Turmoil
18. Chaos
19. Crisis
20. Un-refinement
21. Dullness
22. Ineffectiveness
23. Weakness
24. Inefficiency
25. Agitatedness
26. Slackness
27. Sickness
28. Distrust
29. Inadequacy
30. Unreliability
31. Adulteration
32. Insecurity
33. Un-uprightness
34. Lacking integrity
35. Unattractiveness
36. Inelegance
37. Uncleanness
38. Inappropriateness
39. Disproportionateness
40. Un-assuredness
41. Shamefulness
42. Shoddiness
43. Disjointedness
44. Lack of synthesis
45. Lack of synergy
46. Incompetence
47. Ignorance
48. Being uninformed
49. Lack of creativity
50. Diffidence
51. Being self-effacing
52. Lack of keenness
53. Unimaginativeness
54. Unresourcefulness
55. Lack of drive
56. Lack of enthusiasm
57. Cheerlessness
58. Humorlessness
59. Unrelaxed condition
60. Lack of composure
61. Lack of commitment
62. Perturbed condition
63. Not genuine
64. Lack of transparency
65. Risk-aversion
66. Lack of venturesomeness
67. Lack of amiability
68. Lack of versatility

Using the Lists of Personal Poise Attributes For Self Improvement, Personal Growth, High Self Esteem/Better Poise Building and Self Actualization

Focused self improvement, personal growth and high self esteem/better poise development starts from a good understanding of the nature of personal poise and your specific self esteem/personal growth or poise development challenges.

You may use the above two lists to reflect on your better poise development challenges or identify what aspects of personal poise you will be focusing on for a happier and more effective you.

You may explore more poise attributes using both direct and reversal methods. In some cases languages different from the English language may throw up interesting aspects of personal poise.

To explore focused, powerful solutions for self esteem/confidence building and self improvement/personal growth for self actualization and lasting happiness, visit self improvement, better poise development/self actualization solutions.

Beginning with solutions on self confidence building and overcoming low self esteem or shyness, you get insightful better poise development/self actualization solutions and self improvement resources for enhancing your ability and capability to excel in life or to proactively live successful, imaginative life for sustained happiness and self realization.

Want to Contribute Personal Poise Attributes?

We continue to update the list of poise attributes to better meet the needs and circumstances of people or the challenges of imaginative living in a fast changing world. If you want to contribute to the above lists, use the Better Poise Development Feedback form or email personal poise attributes. You can also make your posts on the self-esteem, self improvement and self actualization forum boards.

Note, however, that BetterPoise.com will publish only personal poise attributes that are critical to self actualization/personal growth or the process of self improvement and personal growth for lasting happiness and self actualization.

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