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Self Esteem Analysis
Self Worth and Personal Growth Diagnostics

Diagnosing Your Self Esteem Towards Self Actualization

Sustainable personal development for imaginative living and self actualization starts from effective and focused diagnosis of your self esteem, self-worth or personal poise.

The unique insight emanating from from self-worth or personal growth analytics would help you identify and understand your poise development or self-growth challenges for self actualization,—and it is a key beginning step to keep you on top of your world. Doing this effectively represents over 50% progress in your personal development drive for self actualization.

With effective diagnosis of your self-worth or personal poise status, you would gain insight on where to focus upon and how to progress in developing healthy self-worth,—and building and positioning your personal poise—for personal success, personal effectiveness, and being on top of your world.

While, self-worth, self-esteem and personal growth inventories or diagnostics enable you to better understand the nature of your self-worth and personal poise development challenges, self-honesty is a key ingredient to better poise development and overcoming low self-worth. When you identify with your personal poise development or personal growth challenges and gain insight on the significance of better poise positioning for personal success, happiness, and self actualization you are better disposed to commit to a personal development project.

Identifying your self-esteem or personal poise development challenges using appropriate personal growth diagnistics would help you understand your personal poise development take-off point, and this would enable you target and use the most appropriate solutions to facilitate personal growth and personal posise positioning towards imaginative living and self actualization.

Depending on your personal growth status, challenges or objectives, you may choose the healthy self esteem and personal poise bulder or the online personal growth coaching.

Quick Self-Worth Status Snapshot

Would you like to know if you are suffering from low self-worth or ineffective, self-hindering personal poise so that you could take focused, guided actions towards building healthy self-worth confidence building or embark on personal growth for imaginative living?

By spending about 5 minutes, you could get a snapshot on your personal poise development level or your self-worth status. You can do this mini self-esteem development audit by down loading the quick self-worth or self-esteem test.


Personal Poise Positioning Inventory for Personal Growth

Often, unknown to them, many people do not attain much in life because they have not identified in what respects they repel people, hinder themselves or immobilize their influence by inadequacies associated with their level of personal poise development. What happens is that they are suffering from ineffective or self-hindering personality.

You would need insight in how well your personal poise is positioned to win with people, be on top of your world, and move you in the direction of self-actualization. The Personal Poise Positioning Inventory (3PI) is an effective tool you need to gain this insight.

The 3PI would help you assess, reconfigure, or position your self-worth or personal poise development, for greater personal influence, personal success, and happiness. Based on the insight you gain from the 3PI regarding any self-hindered pattern of behavior or ineffective personal poise positioning (or development), you could focus on appropriate personal poise positioning solutions.

Get the 3PI free.



Update on Your Self-Worth Status Snapshot

Now that you have taken the quick self-esteem test, down load the scoring profile to sum up your scores. You will also get a summary on your self-esteem status.


Enhance Your Personal Poise Positioning Profile

Now that you have completed the Personal Poise Positionng Inventory (3PI), see how you could re-position your personal poise or enhance your personal poise development for personal growth and self-actualization. Down load the 3PI Scoring Profile to see how you rate—and what you could do in terms of personal poise development and positionng to keep you on top of your world.


Life Quotes

Integral to the self esteem, self-improvement, confidence building and personal development insights we offer are life quotes for self actualization. These also include mental health quotes.

People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built.
Eleanor Roosevelt
Diplomat & Former First Lady of the USA