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Core Values of
BetterPoise.Com Team

Personal Development Team Core Values

The core values an organization and its key people subscribe to, define their character—and the substance of their work, operations, and services.

The team—the personal development team that helps you get poised for healthy self-esteem, personal growth, and self actualization—subscribe to four core values. The core values define our approach to helping people in the arena of personal growth and healthy self-esteem development for self actualization—and they influence the personal development insights and solutions we provide.

Our core values are:

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Innovativeness


We seek to uphold moral uprightness and wholesomeness. The personal development insights and solutions we offer are presented to significantly impact your personal growth vision, challenges and needs,—and without in any way compromising your person.


We position for the highest level of technical standards and solutions possible in our areas of focus while simultaneously demonstrating respectable character in our relationships. We endeavor to be the best we could be in order to give you the best in personal growth and healthy self-esteem development insights and solutions.


We are not hobbyists or a jack of all trades. Our forte is positioning people for personal excellence and self-actualization. We take pride in our expertise to help people improve themselves and move in the direction of total poise development for lasting happiness, social influence, and personal excellence.


Using fresh eyes to explore the personal development challenges and opportunities people face is characteristic of us. This enables us to give you insightful and imaginative information and solutions that help you move in the direction of sustainable high performance, imaginative living, and self-actualization.

Personal Development Core Values for Self Actualization

Fundamentally, the core values are also integrated to personal development for self actualization and you may consider embracing them—or similar ones—in your personal growth project for imaginative living, personal success, and fulfilment.

Core values that get attention—and are rewarded—get learned.
Values habitually behaved become mastered habits.